Appointed Representatives can come from various career paths, but if any of the following job descriptions are on your CV, and the idea of running your own insurance brokerage appeals, you should get in touch.

Insurance account executives – especially with a good customer base


Account executives who have loyal clients tend to excel with Gauntlet. They are often the glue that binds these clients to an existing employer and feel many clients could well follow them, if they left. They also know they can build on this base, with Gauntlet’s help.

Insurance sales executives – ambitious and dynamic


Dynamic insurance sales executives do not have to worry about contractual restraints on existing clients, as they know they are well capable of attracting new clients, especially with Gauntlet’s access to market and broking support. The insurance sales executives in this bracket, have a mindset that is focused on bolstering their earnings in such a way as to transform their lifestyle. They want their business dream to be life-changing and know that, by working hard and in partnership with Gauntlet, it can be.

Current Appointed Representatives – currently unhappy within another AR network


You may have joined another Appointed Representative network but find your values are not aligned, or you have concerns about its management. You may be continually frustrated by being unable to place risks, particularly larger ones. Sometimes, you may just be a round peg in a square hole. All networks have different ‘personalities’ and you may suit our professional network more, particularly if you really wish to achieve.

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