Becoming an AR is a logical decision if any of the following apply to you:

Existing  Insurance Brokers

You are an existing broker, but dealing with FCA compliance, IT upgrades and maintaining insurer relationships consumes valuable time that could be spent building business.

By outsourcing the back office work to Gauntlet, more time can be spent generating new business, looking after existing business or spending more time doing what you want to do.

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Account Executives with good customer base

You are currently an Account Executive with a loyal client base you have built up over a period of time, this is valuable – to your employer.

You have proven your ability in  building a customer base before and with our help you can do this again.

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Ambitious Sales Executives

You don't need to have a customer base that may follow you after any restraint clause expires. If you are a confident sales professional and like a challenge this route may be for you.

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Appointed Representatives to another network

You are currently  an AR for another network.

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