Who are Gauntlet and GDF?

Since managing director, Roger Gaunt, founded Gauntlet in 1994, the commercial insurance broker has become one of the UK’s most go-ahead and forward-thinking commercial insurance brokers and risk managers, attained Chartered Insurance Broker status and built a network of Appointed Representatives – Gauntlet Enterprise.

Gauntlet Enterprise started life more than 10 years ago, in 2009, and continues to attract the best sales talent in the insurance sector.   Gauntlet De-authorisation Fast-track (GDF) is building on this expertise, to the advantage of Directly Authorised Brokers wishing to enjoy less stress and pay fewer expenses and overheads.

With so much experience of running a network and managing compliance under our belt, we can offer you more added value than many other networks.  We also have a deep understanding of the type of support Directly Authorised Brokers require when de-authorising and becoming an Appointed Representative of Gauntlet.

We offer deauthorised brokers meaningful support, as they plan the growth or future direction of their insurance brokerage and business.

Who does Gauntlet De-authorisation Fast-track suit?

Our Gauntlet De-authorisation Fast-track programme (GDF) is designed for currently Directly Authorised brokers, who are keen to have access to a wide range of insurance markets and enjoy enhanced profits and greater fee income, by divesting themselves of the hassles associated with compliance, employee relations, paying for unnecessary overheads and IT.

If any of the following scenarios ‘speak’ to you, then GDF is likely to be of particular interest:

Scenario 1: You are a broker with limited access to market. This frustrates your efforts to place complex or unusual risks presented by your clients. Additionally, you find that your generation of new business leads is stifled by having to deal with administrative and compliance activities, rather than sales.

In this scenario, GDF will help you:

  • access quotes from a broad range of high-quality insurers, enabling you to place more complex and unusual risks
  • be relieved of compliance, IT, administrative and accounts management tasks. This means that you will be able to concentrate on finding the right solutions for your clients, even if their requirements are complex. Additionally, the time that you gain from freeing yourself up will enable you to prospect for new clients.
  • access state-of-the-art IT systems, equipping you with documents that help you produce consistently outstanding work for insurers and clients, plus sales lead management strategies and important management information.

Call us on 0113 244 8686 or email hello@gauntletenterprise.com to find out more, or fill in our enquiry form.

Scenario 2: You are looking to retire in the next few years and need to consider an exit strategy, ideally boosting your income after a difficult time for your pension plan. Your ageing IT systems need an expensive upgrade, and your staff are contemplating retirement, or becoming too much of a headache for you. The overheads, in terms of rental payments and utilities bills for your office, take a significant amount out of your budget – if back office work and compliance were taken off your hands, you could downsize and have more time to sell policies and work with your existing clients in a more meaningful and enjoyable way.

In this scenario, GDF will help you:

  • determine an exit strategy, whenever you decide that the time has come to retire and potentially sell your book to Gauntlet.
  • remove the need for you to run your own back office and compliance.
  • help boost your income over a vital period for your retirement planning.
  • give you access to state-of-the-art IT systems, equipping you with documents that will help you produce consistently outstanding work for insurers and clients, thus maximising your sales potential.  You will also benefit from sales lead-management strategies and important management information.
  • remove some of the stress that you currently suffer day-to-day.
  • not have to sell your brokerage at a low price, just to escape the parts of the day job you dislike.
  • enable you to carry on enjoying the elements of your social life that are intrinsically associated with your insurance business.

Call us on 0113 244 8686 or email hello@gauntletenterprise.com to find out more about moving into the GDF programme, or fill in our enquiry form.

I am looking to retire from my commercial insurance brokerage in a few years – can I sell to Gauntlet?

Quite possibly!  If you are looking for an option, with regard to an exit strategy from your commercial insurance brokerage, then give us a call on 0113 244 8686 to discuss your options.

How will working with Gauntlet benefit me?

As well as providing you with back office support and removing all of the compliance hassle and costs that you incur, Gauntlet can help you boost your business in the coming years.  You will find that you can place risks with insurers who may not be available to you at present and probably take on bigger clients, as Gauntlet can also place sizeable business, through its work with leading insurers and Willis Towers Watson Networks.  This should increase your income, for little extra effort on your part.

How do I join Gauntlet De-authorisation Fast-track?

If you have any questions, the best thing to do is to call us, on 0113 244 8686, or email hello@gauntletenterprise.com. We can discuss your individual circumstances and needs and arrange a face-to-face or virtual meeting.