Here at Gauntlet, we respect the expertise that Directly Authorised Brokers have accrued over many years and help those brokers, who do de-authorise, gain the maximum leverage from this.  Joining the GDF programme is not a step backwards but a means to boost earnings and profitability, at a crucial time in the insurance brokerage life cycle.  

Our aim is to add value to what you can offer to your clients.  Our renowned access to a wide range of good quality insurance markets is an easy-to-grasp example of added value.  We can literally help you quote for more risks and place risks that you would otherwise struggle to handle, or for which you cannot quote competitively at present.

Risk placement

We are adept at negotiating commonplace, unique and sizeable risks, offering a fast turnaround and competitive rates.  Here, our relationship with our insurers is key to our success and we pass the benefit of this on to you.  We can most probably put that larger risk, which you have always coveted, within your sights for the first time.

Gauntlet’s internal broking team has a wealth of experience and regularly places complex risks, right up to multi-national, global programmes. 

Gauntlet can place risks of any size across a range of sectors, including but not limited to:

  • £1m Motor Fleets
  • £1m Motor Trade
  • £1m Construction Projects
  • £500k Professional Indemnity
  • £500k Property Owners
  • £500k Manufacturing
  • £250k Right of Light

Other broking support: profiling, IT and mentoring

Our advanced systems also enable us to engage in enlightened risk profiling, so that we can swiftly assess how well-managed a business is, without having to wait for the proof.  This enables brokers to put proposals together in a tight time frame, which can help to secure more business.

We have also invested heavily in the integration of insurance with new management and IT systems, backed by first-class training and legal compliance.  Our Acturis IT offers superb capacities, which de-authorised brokers can instantly access, following training.

Added value for de-authorised brokers

With the added value that comes from our relationship with Willis Towers Watson Networks, at both a market access and business mentoring level, GDF is a unique proposition for the Directly Authorised broker who now wants to run their brokerage to a different rhythm.

Whilst brokerage growth may have seemed out of your reach, we can help make that happen, at a time that could be vital for your future and that of your family.

Is it time to make that move to de-authorisation?  If so, please get in touch.