We recognise that our GDF brokers need first-class support, to help them negotiate the de-authorisation transition process and help you through that move, from being a directly authorised broker to an Appointed Representative of Gauntlet Group, every step of the way.

As a GDF broker and Appointed Representative, you will be supported with:

  • initial set-up & on-going training on our Acturis IT system
  • client money accounting
  • insurer reconciliation
  • professional, seamless and compliant insurer-focused collateral
  • a paperless office, offering access to client records, policy documents, schedule and wordings anytime, anywhere, if you have internet access
  • a suite of Risk Profiles and Risk Registers for a range of different businesses
  • high quality presentations for insurer pitches, all passing a high level of compliance
  • website development, marketing support, e-mail marketing & PR help and advice
  • access to over 250 insurers, agencies & MGAs, including Willis Network Agencies, Willis 360, Aviva Club 110 & London-placing broker THB
  • administrative support for changes of vehicles, changes in sums insured, policy checking and sending of documents to clients 
  • mentoring and business development support from the Gauntlet team and a Willis Towers Watson Networks business development specialist

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