Gauntlet De-authorisation Fast-track (GDF) - a new route map for brokers seeking deauthorisation

Gauntlet De-authorisation Fast-track (GDF) is a proven programme of de-authorisation for those currently Directly Authorised Brokers who wish to carry on running their insurance brokerage for some years, but who now need to fast-track their business, with our help.

GDF is a means whereby independent, directly authorised insurance brokers can divest themselves of the burden of compliance, plus as many overheads as they wish, and work with Gauntlet Enterprise as an Appointed Representative, following deauthorisation.

Why consider GDF and de-authorising?

It gives established brokers a new earnings route map, tapping into the benefits of Gauntlet’s impressive market access and insurer relationships and its strong bond with Willis Towers Watson Networks.

It enables some de-authorised brokers to place risks – particularly medium and large risks – that they have struggled to handle previously, boosting earnings potential considerably.

And de-authorisation through GDF frees up broker-owners to concentrate on client relationships and sales, rather than IT, administration, HR duties, managing rental agreements and even placement of risks, if they wish our broking team to do that.

De-authorisation support

De-authorised brokers entering GDF will get all of the support they need to transfer over to Gauntlet’s systems within a matter of weeks and will be given training in our Acturis IT system and ways of managing their compliance.

They can also work with a business mentor from Willis Towers Watson Networks, if they perceive benefits from doing so and want to really supercharge their earnings over whatever time period they wish to continue to run their brokerage.

Fast-tracking earnings in the final years of a business plan has become a priority for many, due to pension plan downswings and the impacts of Covid-19 on financial planning.  For many established, directly authorised insurance brokers, the situation is another good reason to consider de-authorising and moving into an Appointed Representative partnering agreement with Gauntlet.

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