Insurers Back Gauntlet Broker Partnership 100%

The newly launched network for directly authorised brokers, Gauntlet Broker Partnership (GBP), is reporting huge support amongst insurers for its proposition and can already offer its network members access to over 250 insurers and managing general agents. Thus far, no insurer has declined to be involved and names backing GBP already include Aviva, AXA, Zurich, RSA, NIG and Markel.


GBP was created in late December 2015, to assist those brokers who wish to retain full independence and direct authorisation, rather than joining Gauntlet’s thriving AR network, in which brokers trade under Gauntlet’s permissions with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).


It has also been structured to provide more than what is attainable from the rest of the networks operating in the insurance sector, by providing all the tailored support a smaller broker requires. The full back office support delivered by GBP covers compliance, broking (if desired), account management, marketing and PR and all administration.


There is full broking support both at renewal time and when quoting for new business.

Using Gauntlet’s wide access to market, a broker can find highly competitive and keener prices for their clients’ insurance requirements, as well as placing niche risks. Gauntlet has acquired a deserved reputation for its excellent insurer relationships and can pass the benefits of these on to its directly authorised brokers.


By joining Gauntlet Broker Partnership, a broker can also create a paperless office, having all their current policy documents uploaded on to the Gauntlet cloud system, from which they can access their document suite and online records online. This cuts administrative costs, as well as the need for office space, potentially allowing brokers to reduce their overheads.


Gauntlet director, Paul Coates, says: “Joining GBP makes a lot of sense for a broker who has been trading for a while, feels isolated and finds market access difficult. Brokers like this often have no opportunity to form an exit strategy and often cannot create enough commission income to plan in their retirement. Their costs can be disproportionately high, when the amount of income generated is taken into account. By divesting themselves of the administrative burden, taking advantage of our comprehensive suite of back office support services, and enjoying a good level of commission through GBP, many of these woes can disappear overnight.”


To communicate this point, Gauntlet has produced an infographic that sums up the positive impact on life and livelihood that joining GBP could bring. This details the many reasons why a broker should consider joining this well-structured network, which has received such solid backing from insurers.


Brokers interested in finding out more can contact Paul Coates on 0113 244 8686, or email More information abut Gauntlet’s directly authorised and AR networks can be found at