Onwards With New 2020 Developments


2020 has started well, with some excellent new business wins and strong growth continuing to come through, particularly from our Enterprise division.  January always feels like one of the toughest months of the year, what with the short days and the post Xmas hangover, and seeing so much activity, and so many new business enquiries, is truly refreshing. 


Many insurers are repositioning themselves and setting out their stall for 2020 and we’re working closely with our key Insurers to make sure we are aligned with them, to get the best result out of our relationship. 

The most important piece of news for the New Year is that we’re now committed to working with Acturis and liaising closely with them to quickly set up their system, so that we can move on to their platform soon.  I don’t have ago live date yet … but this will be as soon as we can sensibly launch. 

Many of you will have used Acturis before and so will be familiar with what the system has to offer and how easy it is to use.  If you haven’t seen the system recently, I think you’ll be surprised at how it has been developed over the last few years. It’s a simple system to master and the Management Information will produce the transparency of information for which we have all been pressing.

We will be making sure that everyone has training and support, to make sure we all get the best out of the system and enjoy a smooth transition.  We’ll continue to use all the existing systems, until we are ready to migrate to Acturis.

The E-trading facilities that Acturis provides are, in our opinion, market-leading and have the potential to make a huge difference to our AR community’s ability to respond quickly to new enquiries.  This should lead to better conversion rates and enhance customer service delivery.

I shall end on this hugely positive note and wish everyone much success in 2020.


by Roger Gaunt