Appointed Representatives Challenge Convention With 'Another Fine Mezze'!

Gauntlet Enterprise – the nationwide network for Appointed Representatives who run their own insurance brokerages with the backing of principal, Leeds-based Gauntlet Group – showed its innovative spirit by organising a conference with a difference entitled ‘Another Fine Mezze’.

Gauntlet chose to help each Appointed Representative network with their peers during three very different teambuilding activities, all based in York.  The group of 40 was split into three groups, with each taking part in all three activities during the course of the day.


All were planned by York Cookery School, where one of the exciting tasks actually took place.  There, groups of 13 or 14 were split into five sub-teams, which tackled one of five culinary missions - to rustle up mezze dishes and accompanying desserts, inspired by Mediterranean, Spanish, Thai and Indian cuisine. All had to be prepared within an hour and be at the pass, ready for serving, within that time limit. Performance led to points being scored for the team, once teamwork in the kitchen, and the quality of food, were judged.


The second activity involved an eye-opening two-hour treasure hunt around York, whilst the third was a challenging 45-minute escape room mission, staged at GR8 escape in York city centre.


When each group had completed all three missions, points were totted up and the results revealed.  The ‘Shambles’ group, headed up by Gauntlet director, Ian McCarron, proved to be winners on the day, before all attendees came together for drinks and a meal at Revolution restaurant in York.


Gauntlet Enterprise director, Paul Coates, says: “This was our third annual AR conference and the best-received to date.  We brought ARs from as far afield as Sevenoaks and Newcastle together and all had a great time working with a group of their peers and then getting to know or catch up with others during the     

various socialising opportunities between and after tasks.”

Appointed Representative, Katherine Brooks, who is currently establishing her brokerage in Blackpool said: “It was a brilliant day and I really feel that I am part of a bigger team, which is very motivating.”


Another new Appointed Representative, George Kay, who has recently established GPK Insurance Services (Gauntlet) Ltd in Woodstock, Oxfordshire added: “This was an amazing event and a superb way of getting everyone to work together and share common goals.  Everyone loved the cooking, whilst problem-solving was also great fun.”


Gauntlet Enterprise is rapidly becoming the network of choice for Appointed Representatives and has received a big boost by virtue of Gauntlet recently gaining Chartered status from the CII.  The network has recruited 8 ARs since April 1 2017 alone.  More details about how to establish brokerages in partnership with Gauntlet can be found at