Gauntlet Launches New Directly Authorised Broker Network

Forward-thinking commercial insurance broker and risk manager, Gauntlet Group, has launched a dynamic new network for directly authorised brokers, following months of strategic planning.

Gauntlet Broker Partnership (GBP) offers smaller brokers a comprehensive suite of services and impressive access to the main insurance markets.  Leeds-based Gauntlet says it believes GBP to be the most holistic package of support available to those wishing to be directly authorised and says the network will be robust and vibrant, thanks to the experience its Gauntlet Enterprise division has already accrued with Appointed Representatives.

GBP is already tempting brokers who struggle to access the most competitive rates from insurers, or find it difficult to place risks.  It also provides a hugely tempting exit strategy for brokers who have perhaps another 10 years trading ahead of them, prior to retirement, and who wish to maximise their earnings during that period.

Through GBP, smaller brokers can gain all the advantages of belonging to a network under the care of Gauntlet Enterprise – which already successfully supports over 30 thriving Appointed Representatives.  At the same time, GBP takes away the hassles that make life difficult for those with stretched resources and no desire to invest in expensive IT systems that could ease workload.

Brokers joining Gauntlet Broker Partnership will receive an unparalleled level of broking support and join an organisation in which innovation continuously drives customer service, quality and growth, seamlessly and simultaneously. 

Gauntlet’s broking excellence has been shown to rest on its ability to be more than a broker, ensuring that both insurers and brokers are mutually satisfied by the relationship forged with the end user – the insurance purchaser.  This has enabled Gauntlet to secure extensive access to competitive and exclusive markets, placing risks that others cannot and also negotiating attractive premiums.  Insurers respect its in-depth focus and policy of building solid risk management into every broking transaction and respond by looking more favourably at Gauntlet-managed risks.

By joining GBP directly authorised brokers can provide customers with attractive policies, at a tempting price, and place risks they would otherwise have to turn down. This can assist income growth and turnover, by enabling them to build a bigger book of business.

Additionally, by joining GBP, they have the burden of the time-consuming tasks of compliance, handling client money, administration and IT, removed.  This enables them to concentrate on selling, whilst also potentially reducing their costs and overheads.

GBP also provides marketing and PR support, with a marketing plan created for every member of the network.  Directly authorised brokers are equipped with high quality materials and templates, for use with both customers and insurers.

On the IT side, GBP broker partners access a Gauntlet CRM system that creates their own paperless office, freeing up office space and reducing the amount of time spent on administration.  Through the system, they can access client records at any time, and from any location, using online internet access.  With their agreement, their clients can also view their documentation online. The broker can even have all of their paper files scanned and uploaded to the system, according to a scheduled plan, if they wish files to be completely electronic, with safe and secure back-up in place.

A suite of compliant documentation also makes the broker’s life easier and there is no need for them to worry about invoicing or chasing up late payments, as Gauntlet handles all of this.

Gauntlet Group’s managing director, Roger Gaunt, says:

Gauntlet Broker Partnership is a very exciting development for Gauntlet and we believe it will be an attractive proposition for any small broker wishing to access the benefits of belonging to a network with an enviable level of buying power in the market, solid and impressive insurer relationships and a great track record of working with appointed representatives over the last six years. 

We believe GBP to be something that any small broker, who wants to increase their income prior to retirement, should consider, particularly if they want to avoid having to sign a new lease on business premises, or have employees who wish to retire, who they do not want to replace.  By moving to a paperless office system with GBP, brokers can consider relinquishing leases and also reduce outlay on administration, potentially downsizing, but generating more business than if they traded alone. We have leading insurers and trading partners backing us and believe this is one of the most dynamic developments of the year within the world of commercial insurance broking. 

Brokers wishing to find out more about Gauntlet Broker Partnership can contact Paul Coates on 0113 244 8686.