New AR Helps Businesses Facing Cash Flow and Debt Woes

Leeds-based Gauntlet Group has partnered with a specialist trade credit management specialist with over thirty years’ experience in her field, to help launch Gauntlet Williams TCM, a Warwickshire-based business that helps businesses manage the risk of late payments and bad debts.


Gauntlet Williams TCM is the new business of Rachel Stevens, who has become an Appointed Representative of Gauntlet Enterprise - rapidly becoming the Appointed Representative network of choice. For Ms Stevens, this move is the next stage of a career that has spanned roles with two global insurance brokers and an independent credit insurance specialist. 


Gauntlet’s latest Appointed Representative has decided to start her own business, with Gauntlet’s backing, to capitalise on the expertise she has acquired whilst advising and placing insurance risks for every type of business in the SME to multi-national spectrum. 


As a result, the Gauntlet Group has acquired a new dimension, having a committed advocate of trade credit insurance and management in the team.  This area can be vital for businesses seeking to grow and achieve profitability, in an economy where bad debt and late payment is rife.

The need for this service is evident. The Federation of Small Businesses estimates around a third of all payments made to small businesses are late and 37 per cent of SMEs (with under 250 employees) have had cash flow difficulties[1]. In 2016, Bibby Financial Services found 27% of businesses have written off bad debts.[2]


Gauntlet Williams TCM’s strategies and insurance covers will give businesses the peace of mind of knowing their insured invoices will be paid. They can also become more competitive, fare better in tender processes, and possibly access better borrowing terms.  They can sell on open account terms, which is hugely advantageous for those wishing to explore new markets with minimal risk. In a post-Brexit world, where new markets may need to be found, trade credit insurance could make a huge difference to a business’s fortunes.


Rachel Stevens is ready for her new challenge, but has minimised her own risk by joining Gauntlet Enterprise. She is concentrating on client acquisition and service, as well as the placement of risks, leaving her support team at Gauntlet HQ to handle administration, claims, IT, marketing and much more.


The extensive support provided has allowed Rachel to hit the ground running and she is already working with businesses recognising the need for trade credit insurance and management. Some of the requirements for cover have been challenging, but her three decades of experience is paying off. 

Gauntlet Group director, Paul Coates, says: “Gauntlet Williams TCM’s service is not just about insurance, but also based around managing trade credit and having clients put good practices in place, so they can trade securely.  We are delighted to have an expert on board who relishes working with businesses of all sizes and equipping them with a vital safety net.  This is a very specialised area, but one Rachel Stevens knows well and one in which she can deliver innovative programmes that strengthen businesses. Managing cash flow is crucial in any business and Gauntlet Williams TCM ensures there is a lifeline, if that cash does not materialize as anticipated.”


Ms Stevens has been considering starting her own business for five years and chose to partner with Gauntlet because of the support provided from day one.  She says: “I haven’t been disappointed and have had help at every stage, which means I’ve been able to concentrate on what I do best – assisting my clients.”


Businesses wishing to explore credit insurance and management options can visit or call Rachel Stevens on 07946 779315.  More information about Appointed Representative opportunities is at