Case Study: George Kay

An Oxfordshire insurance broker who previously worked at Matthews Comfort & Co, established his own business as an appointed representative of Gauntlet in 2017 and is now providing commercial insurance policies, and some personal lines covers, to clients across Oxfordshire.


George Kay achieved a four-year-old dream when he founded his own brokerage – GPK Insurance Services (Gauntlet) Ltd – not only realising the ambition of having his own business, but also working with his father in a true family enterprise.

Having researched all the AR network options available to him, George chose Gauntlet Enterprise because he saw that it had the credentials and dedicated approach to business that he sought, as well as a management team and structure with which he could achieve his goals.

He also admired Gauntlet’s two-decade-long relationships and extensive access to market, which he instantly appreciated as being able to provide clients with the best premiums and cover options.

George Kay says: “By joining Gauntlet, I overcame the hurdles that independent brokers often face and now offer my clients the best of both worlds – the personal, face-to-face service that comes from a local broker and excellent premiums and insurance options that are available to a broker of Gauntlet’s size and reputation.

“I have been highly impressed by everything Gauntlet Enterprise has to offer.  Their professional approach towards appointed representatives and their mentoring. It is a package of benefits I couldn’t match elsewhere.”