As Accountants to a wide range of individuals and businesses you have a unique opportunity to extend your service offering to include the fulfilment of their insurance needs.

Accountancy practices have begun to suffer losses in revenue, due to the number of clients now going direct to HMRC with queries, and the arrival of new bookkeeping options. These, and others, are finding the opportunity to generate a new income stream through insurance sales, a very attractive proposition.

Offering accountancy clients the opportunity to place their insurance in your hands can cement your relationship with your clientele and further build their trust in you. To do this, and adhere to Gauntlet's compliancy policy, you need a qualified and experienced individual, who can front your insurance division and offer clients best advice. That is not hard to do, as other accountants have proved.

With the right individual in place to ensure Financial Controls Authority (FCA) standards are fulfilled, you can quickly start to grow your insurance sales, working in tandem with Gauntlet Enterprise, who will give Appointed Representative (AR) status to your insurance employee.

Your insurance sales employee will then work, day-to-day, with Gauntlet's back office team, who will handle your administration, claims, compliance, marketing and PR, IT, and even broking, if that suits you best.

With over 200 insurance schemes at our fingertips, we can find the best policies for your clients. If all of this sounds both common sense and a sound financial strategy for your accountancy business, please call Nigel Law on 07774 690436 or 0113 244 8686, or email