As Accountants to a wide range of individuals and businesses you have a unique opportunity to extend your service offering to include the fulfilment of their insurance needs.

The accountancy world has been disrupted. Clients can now use clever software to handle their own bookkeeping.  Advice is readily available online. HMRC can answer queries you used to handle.   

Clients are also more demanding. They are time-poor and want to sort out their mandatory and administrative affairs from under one roof. You may have an ‘expert’ to refer them to, but they’d rather just get it sorted out here and now.

Clients are also savvy and expect added value. The trouble is that you are in a profession in which everyone offers accountancy, tax planning and exit strategy advice.  What can you do differently?

Insurance service offered by your accountancy practice

Here’s a proposition for you. Gauntlet Enterprise has had Appointed Representatives (ARs) building their own insurance empires nationwide since 2009.  As other accountants have proved, an account executive (salesperson), already skilled in insurance, could be employed by your accountancy practice and:

  • allow you to offer clients a wide range of insurances, plus insurance advice through your accountancy practice

  • add great value through this new service 

  • earn additional income for your accountancy practice

  • iron out your accountancy practice’s cash flow through year-round sales

There are plenty of talented insurance individuals around, often jaded with working for a consolidator who has bought out their former employer.  Employing such a specialist, will ensure Financial Controls Authority (FCA) standards are fulfilled and your employee can become an Appointed Representative of Gauntlet Enterprise.

What does this mean?

  • Gauntlet will handle compliance, using tried and trusted systems

  • Your insurance sales employee will work, day-to-day, with Gauntlet's back office team, who will provide full support

  • That team will handle your administration, claims, some marketing, IT, and even broking of risks, if desired

  • Your accountancy clients will benefit from Gauntlet’s ability to access a wide range of insurance policies and schemes, from an array of insurers, by virtue of being members of the Willis network

  • Your accountancy practice will benefit from Gauntlet’s great relationship with insurers and its access to very niche schemes

Take this step towards growth and client retention today and call  Nigel Law on 07774 690436 or 0113 244 8686, or email