Over the years, we have worked closely with Property Management Companies to help them extend their services by including an option to fulfil their client's insurance needs.

Gauntlet has worked closely with property managers for more than two decades and has evolved the model we have today, which enables them to earn an attractive commission on insurance sales to clients requiring insurance and risk management protection, bought from a trusted source.

Being able to offer this add-on has helped cement the client-property manager relationship further, by enabling the property company to work more closely with their clients, in a range of areas.

Naturally, any insurance delivery needs to be compliant, but Gauntlet has already proved the professionalism of its model to the Financial Controls Authority (FCA). To work to the model's standards, the property manager must just demonstrate that any insurance sales are generated through an experienced and qualified person who offers 'best advice'.

With administration, compliance, claims, IT, marketing and PR all part of Gauntlet's package, property manager ARs can quickly grow the insurance division for their employer, delivering a rate of return more than covering the cost of their employment. Their Gauntlet AR broker helps them identify clients who could produce the best returns, and provides ongoing support.

If a new income stream is an attractive proposition for you within this model, please call Andrew Scott on 07812 527639 or 0113 261010, or email AndrewScott@gauntletgroup.com