Over the years, we have worked closely with Property Management Companies to help them extend their services by including an option to fulfil their client's insurance needs.

As a property manager, your opportunities to ‘talk insurance’ are numerous.  Buildings need insurance protection. Properties also need robust health and safety policies and fire-risk assessments.  There are a whole host of newer protections that could be sold through a managing agent too – cyber and crime protection being just two – and how about terrorism insurance and denial of access cover?

In short, your property management company could probably be earning more money than it currently is, by cross-selling insurance to your clients.   You could also be earning their loyalty, by becoming a problem-solver and a provider of different services from under one roof. Added value is the buzzword these days and you could be providing it.

Selling insurance through your property management company

As we have intimated, the opportunities for a property manager to earn an additional income stream through insurance sales and health and safety services is significant, but how could you do that in a painless and easy way?  The answer is through employing your own insurance salesperson, who gains all of the required FCA permissions by becoming an Appointed Representative of Gauntlet Enterprise – a highly respected network founded in 2009.

How your property management company could sell insurance with Gauntlet’s assistance: 

  • Your property management company takes on a talented insurance salesperson, perhaps someone dissatisfied with their career because their former employer has been bought out by a consolidator. There are a lot of insurance people in this category.

  • Gauntlet’s well-drilled team of back office staff take compliance off your hands, using tried and trusted systems.

  • Your insurance sales employee works from your offices, but also, on an on-going basis, with Gauntlet's team, who become their sounding-board and support.

  • Gauntlet’s back-office team not only takes on board all of the administration associated with your property management company’s insurance sales, but also processes claims, provides some marketing support, provides all the IT required and will even act as your broker and place your risks, if your salesperson wishes the team to do so.

  • Your property clients receive what are often more attractive quotes and enhanced levels of protection, because Gauntlet can access a vast number of insurance policies and schemes, provided by a significant number of insurers, as a member of the Willis network.

  • Your property management company will gain indirect benefit from Gauntlet’s solid and long-lasting relationships with insurers and its ability to cover very niche risks too. 

Take this step towards additional income and client satisfaction today and call  Nigel Law on 07774 690436 or 0113 244 8686, or email NigelLaw@gauntletgroup.com