Over the last couple of years we have been working closely with firms of Solicitors to help them extend their services by including an option to fulfil their client's insurance needs.

Solicitors just offer legal services, don’t they?  Not always. Solicitors, just like every other business, are having to think beyond their core proposition and find ways of adding value to ever-demanding clients. Choice is everywhere and easily sourced via the internet. Finding a solicitor that offers more than just defence and prosecution services is much harder.

Selling insurance through your solicitors’ practice

Could you be that solicitors’ practice that can not only help a client with an internal crime scenario but also ensure they have the right insurance in place, should it happen again?   Could you be the solicitors’ practice that can offer cyber crime protection? How about Directors & Officers policies? The opportunities are endless.

But hang on.  You only know about law.  Does that prevent you employing an insurance specialist within your team, whose FCA permissions are organised by a highly respected network of Appointed Representatives?  The answer is, no it doesn’t.

How your solicitors’ practice could work with Gauntlet, if you employ an insurance specialist:

  • You employ a talented insurance salesperson (and there are plenty around unhappy in new roles enforced on them after insurance buy outs)

  • Gauntlet takes compliance off your hands, using tried and trusted systems

  • Your practice’s insurance sales employee works, on an on-going basis, with our Gauntlet team

  • This team not only takes on board the administration, but also processes claims, provides some marketing support, provides all the IT that you need and will even place your risks, if your salesperson wants it to.

  • Your legal clients may well get better quotes and levels of protection, as Gauntlet can access a large number of insurance policies and schemes, from a significant number of insurers, through its membership of the Willis network

  • Your legal practice will also gain the advantages that come from Gauntlet having solid relationships with insurers and the ability to access very niche insurance covers. 

Take this step towards growth and client retention today and call  Nigel Law on 07774 690436 or 0113 244 8686, or email NigelLaw@gauntletgroup.com