Over the last couple of years we have been working closely with firms of Solicitors to help them extend their services by including an option to fulfil their client's insurance needs.

Over the last few years, Gauntlet Enterprise has demonstrated to solicitors' practices how they can extend their services, and fulfil clients' needs, by adding insurance and risk management into their services' portfolio.

Our insurance proposition is fully compliant from a Financial Controls Authority (FCA) point of view and merely requires you to acquire the competency of delivering best advice to those of your clients interested in insurance and risk management services.

Solicitors can do this by employing a suitably qualified and experienced insurance professional to front their insurance business. Gauntlet Enterprise can then grant Appointed Representative (AR) status to that individual, on behalf of the practice.

These individuals do not go it alone. They have the full support of our back office team for compliance, administration, claims handling and broking (unless they wish to do their own), mentoring and support from one of our AR brokers, cutting edge IT systems and marketing and PR assistance.

If your practice would benefit from this additional and easy-to-deliver income stream, please call Nigel Law on 07774 690436 or 0113 244 8686, or email NigelLaw@gauntletgroup.com