Working as an Appointed Representative is an option open to you as a career move, if you wish to become your own boss and run your own insurance brokerage. It is the choice of many who decide to leave the big corporate insurance world and become an independent broker, or who believe very much in the local insurance broker model and want to add new 21st century dynamics to it.

To answer the question ‘What is an AR?’ read this post and, to know which skills you might require, there’s this one.

As an AR, you do not need your own direct FCA authorisation, when first setting up.  That avoids a significant delay of 6-12 months or more.  To be directly authorised, you also need to prove capital adequacy.  Few insurance account executives have enough.

The FCA describes an Appointed Representative as “a firm or person who runs regulated activities and acts as an agent for a firm the FCA directly authorise.  The firm is known as the AR’s principal.” 

Should you become a Gauntlet Appointed Representative, we would be your principal and ensure your compliance with FCA requirements and rules.  We make no upfront charges, just an agreed share of earnings, in return for all services and support.  It’s a great way to test the water and assess your prospects. As your principal, we are with you all the way and will back your ambition.

10 Benefits of Becoming an AR 

  • Being your own boss and running your own insurance brokerage
  • Being able to focus on sales, not back-office administration
  • Having none of the costs of employing administrators or installing IT
  • Choosing whether to broker your own risks or leave it to the principal
  • Having an umbrella of FCA compliance protection, provided by the principal
  • Enjoying better access to insurance markets and, if you choose Gauntlet, being able to place large risks, as well as medium and smaller-sized business
  • Having a chance to learn from the principal’s knowledge
  • Accessing high-quality IT systems – in Gauntlet’s case this is Acturis
  • Keeping control of the client
  • The kudos of having your name above the door

What are the Responsibilities of an AR?

  • Understanding what regulatory measures are still required of you, even though you are not directly authorised
  • Signing a contract to state that you will act on all compliance requirements.
  • Listening to compliance instructions and acting on them, on an ongoing basis.
  • Abiding by the FCA’s ‘Treating Customers Fairly’ principles
  • Allowing all data to be held by the principal and not stored at your premises
  • Agreeing to the principal invoicing all clients and receiving all payments from them

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Insurance roles from which good Appointed Representatives tend to come

You cannot become a Gauntlet Appointed Representative unless you have insurance industry experience or appoint an individual who has the required experience (in the case of say a solicitor or accountant’s practice or a property management company).

Roles from which we regularly recruit Appointed Representatives are:

  • Insurance account executive
  • Insurance sales executive or manager
  • Insurance broker

To find out more about these, click here.

But one main ingredient that you will definitely require is a strong work ethic, regardless of your experience, and grit, determination and ambition.  It will not be an easy ride, but it can be a very fulfilling and rewarding one, if you set challenging goals and achieve them.  That’s the sort of approach Gauntlet wants to see from its ARs and we have high-flyers who do just that, year in year out, leveraging all the support that we can provide them.

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